Big Bend News

pickshovel (2K)One thing is for sure, the Big Bend area of this great state is definitely the one area everyone loves to EXPLORE!

Even to the point where a friend of mine has recently purchase property in the area….now if that doesn't say it all nothing will.

dillo1 (1K)For the calendar year 2017, Big Bend National Park recorded the highest visitation on record! The park hosted 442,641 visitors in 2017, this surpassed even 2016's visitation, which saw 388,290 people coming to the park during the National Park Service centennial year. This accounts for a 14% increase from the previous year. In a post on the park’s Facebook page, park officials took to social media to thank the visitors who enjoyed the park in 2017.

"Thank you to all of our visitors and friends for helping to protect this park so that we can keep sharing this majestic place for future years,” said park officials in a post, “As the sun rises today, we wish you a very happy 2018, and hope that one of your New Year’s resolutions will be to keep exploring National Parks!”

B ig Bend National Park is experiencing an increase in visitation and with it a greater demand for both frontcountry and backcountry camping within the park. The park is busiest on extended weekends related to Federal holidays, during the weeks of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Years holidays, and during spring break in mid to late March.

At these times visitors can generally expect the Chisos Mountains Lodge and all of the park's three developed campgrounds to fill each day, with increased demand for backcountry campsites that often fill to capacity as well. If you plan on visiting Big Bend it is best to come prepared with alternative plans for camping or lodging outside of the park.