September 2020 Newsletter


Open Areas & Facilities:

All Park Roads
-Paved and unpaved

All Hiking Trails
-(except Hot Springs Historic District and associated trails)

Chisos Basin Campground
-By Reservation only
-No first come-first served camping at this time.

Closed Areas and Facilities

-Chisos Basin Restaurant
-Rio Grande Village and Cottonwood Campgrounds.
-Hot Springs Historic area and all associated trails.
-All Park Visitor Centers
-Rio Grande Village gas station
-Boquillas Crossing Port of Entry

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The BEST place in the state of TEXAS, or any other state, to take your Land Cruiser whether you own one or you are looking at a pre-owned one to purchase....Javier's is the place to go, to have them checked out.

Also, Javier's is your one stop shop for all your on road or off road. They do it all at GCCS, ranging from utvs, buggies, jeeps, land cruisers and classic cars.

Javier's is located at
9443 Clay Rd, Houston, TX 77080