May 2018 SSW Meeting

Ok, let's see....the last couple of meetings we held down in the SSE part of town (Carlos Beer Garden), only had a few individuals show up. Trust me, I totally understand, the way our freeways are today...the distance, etc., etc.

That is why I have suggested in the past (several times) that individuals step up and start having meetings for our club in their particular part of town, either NNW, NNE, SSW or SSE and then all those individual meeting locations would all come together in our central located Memorial Park, two or three times each year. But I guess individuals in other parts of town are just to busy to step up and take the time to do that.

So, being that I have been doing this for 19 YEARS, I guess it won't hurt for me to pick a location in one of those other parts of town for our MAY 2018 meeting and hope others in that section of town (and others from other parts of the Greater Houston Area) will try and make it to this month's meeting.

So without any further ado, our May Meeting will be held in the SSW (Sugarland) area on Saturday, May 19th @ 12:NOON, and the SSW location I have chosen is...........

This is what the Live Oak Grill entrance looks like if you are coming on Dairy Ashford from the south and Hwy 69 / Hwy 90 / direction.


Outdoor seating, with plenty of shade underneath old oak trees. 150 years old


Have to hand it to them, they knew how to show their "Cowboy Burger"! Alex take note !


The food is GREAT! All kinds of sanwiches, and other ole' southern cookin'.


And of course, if our "Leprechaun" shows up, there is plenty of GREEN bruskies for him :-)

Depending on how many show up for this month's (MAY) meeting, we should have plenty of space to line up them CRUISERS. If needed we could even check out that empty field, just to the south of Live Oak Grill, as you can see in the map below.